Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running by Forest Park on a Snowy Afternoon

After over 100 precipitation-less days in Beijing, snow was induced on Wed night and last night.

Went out for an 8k this afternoon, with a 5k loop in the Olympic Forest Park.

At the bridge (point B on map, linked above), looking north.
Looking west over small pond (point C on map)
Near the swamps (point D on map)

Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me. And as you can see, my three-year-old Nokia has a really crappy camera. (Plus there were a few photos where my right index finger made a gloved appearance.)

Looking over my running log, I've ran in the Olympic Forest Park 50 times in the last year (since Feb. 10th 2010), with 244 km in the park itself (and totaling 394 km in my Forest Park runs, with the entrance to the Park 1.5 k from my wife's office at the CAS).

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AdudefromYeMeN said...

The winter in Beijing is beautiful.