Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An 'Extra'

So my wife and I were in Changping, just north of the city, for a weekend retreat. I was approached with an opportunity to be in an internal training video. (Someone at HR of this hotel found out we were going to be there and asked if I was willing to be an 'extra' in this video.) I thought it might be fun, so I agreed.

We started filming in the hotel lobby. The first scene involved me entering the lobby carrying more than I can handle. In the 'wrong' version, the bellhop ignores my plea for help, and then runs ahead of me with my stuff after he realizes I need help. We took a few shots of this and the 'correct' version, before moving on to the front desk.

At the front desk, the 'wrong' scene involves me being ignored by the desk attendent. In the 'correct' version, she makes eye contact even though she is on the phone.

Finally, we shot a scene involving a maid and our hotel room. In the 'wrong' version, the maid knocks at the door a few times and then enters without waiting properly for a response.

I hope that 1) I get to see this video and 2) it makes a difference (however small).

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